Stoella Chorster

Female Human Rogue lvl1


Str 11 Con 10 Dex 20 Int 14 Wis 8 Cha 10
AC 17 Leather armour
HP 22 bloodied 11 surge value 5 No/surges 6
Fort 11 Ref 18 Will 11
Init +5 Pass Ins 9 Pass Perc 14
Hand Crossbow / Shortsword
At Will: – Gloaming Cut
Deft Strike
Riposte Strike
Encounter: – Distracting Shot
Daily: – Scattering Shot

First Strike
Cunning Sneak
Sharpshooter (crossbow) talent
Improved Cunning Sneak
Far Shot


Stoella was a low level “sniper” for a criminal gang known as the Carnival of Crime, led by a man named Maximiliian (Max for short) Malini. Her cover was as one of the performing acrobats, as with most of the “show people” each had a secondary purpose. Unfortunately while providing cover on what should have been a simple break-in her group ran afoul of a military patrol and so she was sentenced to the slave ship.

Stoella Chorster

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