Casdin Hunter

Male Elf Rogue lvl 1


Str 11 Con 13 Dex 18 Int 12 Wis 10 Cha 14
AC 16 Leather armour (+2 v Opportunity Attacks)
HP 25 bloodied 12 surge value 6 No/surges 7
Fort 11 Ref 16 Will 12
Init +4 Pass Ins 10 Pass Perc 17
Shortsword / Dagger
At Will: – Duellist’s Flurry
Deft Strike
Encounter: – Acrobat’s Blade Trick
Daily: – Trick Strike

First Strike
Artful Dodger
Rogue Weapon talent
Sneak Attack
Elven Weapon Proficiency
Group Awareness
Elven Accuracy
Fey Origin
Wild Step


cas was born in an elven village that was attacked when he was young by dark wizards, they were looking for something,though cas never found out what. he escaped the fight after seeing his family tortured for information and murdered in front of him, he traveled from place to place picking up skills to survive as a thief, when he got to his teens he met a traveling circus that was made up of only non humans/wizards (which he joined as they shared his fear of wizards and magic) there he became known for his agility on the high wire and knife throwing skills.

years later the circus is ransacked by by slave traders….who want non humans (something about less paperwork) to take and sell, cas is captured along with three others as they set up as a line of defense so the others could get away, unfortunately as they were being taken to the ship two of his friends were killed, one because he tried to escape and the other cus she was a hobbit and the traders were hungry (ewwww).

himself and his elven best friend are taken to the ship but were separated when they got there, now all cas truly wants is to find his friend and get back to the circus…and since he has no clue where to start (and thinks his friend may be dead by now) he decides to go with a misfit group of survivors in the hope he will see him or his circus again.

Casdin Hunter

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