Legacy of the Tarrasque

Gaming session 9

Leshanna reflected on the cavalier’s words it wasn’t her intention to harm her allies although she admitted to herself that she couldn’t fully trust the rogue in particular with her life her recent actions could make the others believe that they couldn’t trust her either. Her uncle’s words clichéd as they were appeared to hold some importance “With great power comes great responsibility”, she could just imagine the look on her families faces surely by now they had realised that she had disobeyed her father’s instructions of not leaving Grindlewald. She afforded herself a little smile as she had put the sentries guarding the portal of cities to sleep to get to Pavelock and then eventually down to the Treetop village to become part of a group of adventurers.

A Disturbed Rest

As Leshanna meditated and the others rested Gruumbar stood guard behind the portcullis as to be able to funnel any would be intruders. It was shortly after Gruumbar turned to rest that the cry of “To Arms” was uttered.
Gruumbar determined to protect his friends at all costs made for the portcullis he could just make out the silhouettes of some spiked rocky like creatures called kruthiks. As he forced them to funnel in against him he swung his axe only to find that these were slightly tougher than he had anticipated smiling to himself he gathered his strength for his next attack. Annoyed at the lack of space required to get into melee combat Torstein grunted to himself frustratingly.
As Leshanna fought the urge to knock off one of her fire spells she instead contented herself with the use of magic missile whilst the barbarian was stuck hacking at the creatures with a mighty swing of his great axe he felled the first creature and charged furiously at the next.
Kadish wasn’t sure if it was the fear of a barbarian charging at the creatures or some kind of intellect as two of the creatures burrowed down into the ground only for them to appear at the feet of the cavalier and Torstein.
Gruumbar continued to hack at the kruthiks foe aware that his allies were also now involved in the fight he attacked his opponent mercilessly practically slicing it up like a joint of meat with his great axe. Kruthik attack
Torstein grinned as the kruthik bit at him the wound was barely a scratch however as Torstein muttered “My turn” he smashed the kruthik with his Warhammer the blood and guts from the creature stained the ground.
Although the other kruthik was attacking Kadish it was a combination of teamwork by Casdin and Kadish that finished the final creature off.
Turning to the others Gruumbar nodded with respect it had been a good fight, as he turned to Casdin he asked whats next?
Repeating what he had said earlier that evening Casdin confessed that he didn’t know what creatures could be lurking if any but could remember a strange pit where the kobolds where playing a game.

The Skull-Skull Room.

Nothing could prepare the adventurers for what they saw in this room four kobolds stood in front of a dragonborn which was of some interest to the cavalier being the same race as he was. Before Kadish could speak the other dragonborn let out a defiant cry of “For Tiamat”, as the kobolds and himself moved into position.
Incensed by the words of the dragonborn Kadish charged boldly towards the heretic he would make the dragonborn suffer for uttering the name of that infernal goddess.
He swung wildly at the creature but missed as the dragonborn let out a defiant cry of “is that all you have got?”.
Gruumbar meanwhile charged at two of the kobold cleaving them furiously it was no secret that he enjoyed a good scrap Kosh and the others picked off the kobolds before turning their attention to the dragonborn.
Kadish had to admit he had never faced a tougher opponent than this as he swung his weapon it only bounced off the armour of his foe Leshanna had slightly better luck targeting the dragonborn with a sleep spell as Casdin and Torstein worked together to flank their opponent. Gruumbar noticed that there was some difficulty in hitting the dragonborn as he watched his cavalier friend struggle he began to rage uncontrollably as he made forth to his opponent.
With eyes glowing wildly he swung his axe into the creature only for it also to miss summoning all of his rage he swung again for the axe to bury itself deep into the enemies shoulder he pulled it out and kicked the creature ferociously into the strange slime pit. Warriors of tiamat
Despite this the dragonborn remained defiant as he breathed his poisonous breath on the barbarian, cavalier and Torstein, there was the sound of “Get out of the way”, from Leshanna as she prepared to blast an acid arrow into the face of the foe.
Although the arrow missed it splashed into the dragonborn who screamed with pain combined with the assault from the rest of the party the dragonborn was looking in bad shape. Sensing this Kadish stopped and granted the dragonborn the right to surrender which he took. After disarming him and shackling him up the heroes spotted a strange object glowing in the slime pit it appeared to be magical Kadish recognised it as a weapon of his people a khopesh. Leshanna determined that it was magical also as Kadish wielded it proudly he believed that his deity Bahamut had placed it there as his reward for servitude.


Kosh was a little surprised at his cavalier friends emotional reaction to sighting the other dragonborn, but looked on with admiration as his friend leapt heroically from coffin lid to coffin lid across the murky sludge pool to engage the follower of Tiamat. While not in direct opposition to his Dark Queen, he knew Tiamat was the embodiment of all that the Bahamut worshipping cavalier held dear. It was just a shame that Kadish let his rage get the better of him, causing him to mis-time his blows slightly, reducing his combat effectiveness.

As the rest of his comrades disposed of the annoying kobolds, Kadish engaged the follower of Tiamat. The fury of hearing his blasphemous cry to the Dragonqueen clouded his mind, dulling his precision. Though his blows failed to cause major effect he managed to keep the beast occupied until his allies were finished with the kobolds and joined the fray. As their opponent began to fall under their combined assault Kadish offered the chance to surrender, as was his creed. The dragonborn surrendered his arms and allowed himself to be taken captive for questioning.

When Leshanna noticed the sword hilt peeking out of the sludge pool and recovered the blade, Kadish believed that Bahamut had indeed blessed his action in granting mercy to his opponent and accepted the blade from the mage.

Gaming session 9

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