Legacy of the Tarrasque

Gaming Session 7 Leshrac's Tower

As Leshanna disturbed several people in the room above the stairs she panicked on her way down people are coming, it must have affected her judgement as she found hersef strangely at the forefront of the oncoming battle as a guard hit her with his halberd, knocking her prone. Seeing his ally fall down Kadish dragged her away moving into her vacated space before hitting one of the guards, behind the two guards a skeleton and another guard were waiting forming the second rank whilst a third rank containing another skeleton and human guard.
Unable to get into melee with the guards Torstein and Kosh kept the party alive with their healing magic.

Leshanna annoyed by the injury sustained by the human guard responded by firing a magic missile before casting an acid arrow into the second rank, luckily her acid missed two of her allies, her next action was to fire a sleep spell into the group putting several enemies and the half-orc barbarian to sleep, the enemies eventually succumbed to a volley of radiant damage and acid before Gruumbar finished one of the human guards with his greataxe.

The party then rested before resuming their journey through Leshrac’s tower.
The next room was simply where the enemies had come from and as soon as Casdin had opened the twin doors the PC’s saw the true threat in the room two mages had summoned a strange undead creature, whilst four zombies were also waiting in the room. Two treasure chests attracted Casdins attention, as Leshanna once again blasted an acid arrow off at the strange undead creature, Casdin dealt with his mortal enemies mages, leaving Torstein, Gruumbar and Kosh to attack the zombies as Leshrac struggled to shake off the acid attack courtesy of Leshanna, Kadish assisted Casdin and Leshanna by attacking Leshrac also who could only respond by clawing at the elven rogue as well as healing a downed zombie.

Deciding not to leave any survivors the attention turned to the treasure chests as Casdin snapped his first lockpick before opening it and pocketing the gold inside for himself, Leshanna smelt a rat and asked Casdin what was in the chest to which the reply was nothing much not totally believing the rogue Leshanna observed the opening of the second chest which revealed 260gp which Casdin did inform the group of as to try and avert suspicion. After a rest the PC’s decided to head back to the treetop village.


As Kosh entered the final chamber, he heard the mages finishing their summoning of the undead Leshrac. The only thing he hated more than a necromancer or undead, was an undead necromancer! As his companions were dealing with the direct threat the foul creature posed he moved to assist the pair of half-orcs as they traded blows with the zombies. One of the grasping fiends managed to get a grip on his towering form but as its companions continued to fall the mighty warpriest gave it no heed, draggings its rotting form with him as he advanced upon the foul Leshrac. Summoning the might of the Raven Queen, Kosh blasted his greatsword into the corrupted form, his goddesses’ energy combining with his mighty blow to blast the fiend apart, its lifeless shell coming to rest in the corner of the room devoid of its reanimation.

Gaming Session 7 Leshrac's Tower

Kadish let his gaze roll over his companions, a motley crew to be sure, but despite their origins he could feel that their hearts were full of courage (aye, even the elf rogue). He had been quite surprised when the mage stood on the battleline, albeit not by her own choice, and when she fell he was more than happy to pull her behind him and step into the fray.

Throughout the fight with the necromancers he felt the blessings of Bahamut washing over him, bolstering his own attacks and punsihing the evil mages for their own.

In the aftermath he heard Leshanna voice a concern that Casdin was “up to something” as he opened the chests. While he didnt doubt the elfin rogue was pilfering, he had proven himself trustworthy in battle and was taking the risk of opening the chests alone (Kadish rubbed the back of his left claw absently-mindedly as he remembered a similar chest, long ago; the scars had healed nicely).

Gaming Session 7 Leshrac's Tower

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