Legacy of the Tarrasque

Gaming Session 6

After identifying the mark of the BLS (Black Lotus Society)the groups attention turned to the boxes in the room where they encountered the gelatinous cube. After smashing several of the boxes and finding nothing but broken health potions etc Casdin started opening the boxes carefully in the process palming a small amulet away from the others whilst Torstein ate a small beetle that he found after Casdin opened the box,whilst Gruumbar attached a set of bracers that was found also. After opening the boxes the group turned their attention to the staircase and what was beyond as they entered the room Casdin observed two dangers the first being some loose stonework and the second being that the room contained a spear gauntlet trap although he informed the others|Torstein decided to find out what a trap was first hand as he stepped on a trigger plate and received several spikes in the foot. Turning their attentions to the statue which had been identified by Kosh as a statue of a necromancer called Leshrac, infuriated by what the statue was of Kosh started smashing the statue and was soon aided by Torstein and Gruumbar who decided he would join in with smashing the statue up also.

The next room the group entered contained two skeletons as well a group of humans which the group slaughtered eventually despite Gruumbar, Torstein and Casdin becoming bloodied on several occasions only the healing of Kosh prevented them from dying.

After a short rest the group made it to another room where they noticed slits in the fllor at 5ft intervals, cautiously the group approached as Leshanna and Gruumbar checked first the stairs out Casdins attention turned to a door to the west which he opened with relative ease, entering the room he found it deserted seemingly bar for a treasure chest containing some wizard robes which Leshanna took for herself. Suddenly from the room with the stairs scythes appeared and cut a path through Torstein .

As Gruumbar charged through to the room with Casdin and Leshanna he stepped on a trigger stone and as Torstein entered four crossbow turrets fired their ammunition bolts burying themselves deeply into four of the groups legs, after this the group left that room and Casdin spotted a control panel which activated the pendulum scythe trap. As he attempted to disarm the trap Kadish spat an acidic glob of spit into the contraption disolving the mechanism from within. Having enough of being attacked Leshanna foolishly went upstairs only to be spotted by a group of enemies and as she retreated she heard them moving to come down to meet the group.


After seeing the statue dedicated to the despoiler, Leshrac, and hearing of his experiments in the journal Leshanna found on the lectern, Kosh was infuriated. His anger soon found an outlet as he and his companions discovered a petty necromancer and his guards in the next room, including a trio of skeletons. Although he wasnt as quick as his companions, Kosh’s fury found release as he smote the first of the skeletons with his Dark Mistresses power. The shattered remains coming to rest across the far side of the room, beyond the now worried looking mage.

Gaming Session 6

Leshanna is actually shitting herself at the prospect at standing next to Gruumbar at the front of the next fight.

Gaming Session 6

I’m sure Casdin will back her up lol, though at least she’ll be in range of Kadish with his golden shield power (cant remember its name lol) so he can soak the first big attack for her if need be.

Gaming Session 6

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