Legacy of the Tarrasque

Gaming session 5

As the party slept recovering from their last fight Casdin observed four undead making their way towards the group the bright and sprightly rogue alerting his allies to the danger immediately resulted in Leshanna firing a magic missile at a zombie before the melee experts could get in Casdin flanking with Kosh and Kadish to bring the undead to a halt.

Along the cave Leshanna recalled somthing she had remembered from history knowing that these caves often had escape routes from towers and other buildings using this information they found a door hidden behind some moss which lead into the tower.

This room was a strange one there were two dead humans bearing a strange motif as well as what looked to be a half orc inside a cage as Casdin went to investigate one of the large vases in the room, there was a worrying sound as four deathjump spiders entered trying to kill the adventurers they wold have succeeded if it wasnt for Kosh’s healing prowess meanwhile the half orc creature bent open the cage bars grabbed one of the bars and swung it straight into the head of one of the spiders.

Begrudgingly respectful of this act Gruumbar nodded with respect and then enquired what tribe this half orc was from as the half orc went to retrieve his equipment Leshanna inspected the font which she found to have been blessed by Vecna, whilst Casdin toyed with a lever which opened up to show a tunnel with a room which appeared to contain 8 boxes, as Casdin charged to investigate the boxes he became engulfed part way through in the body of a gelatinous cube in a desperate attempt to save him the adventurers fought valiantly against the ooze creature with Casdin taking severe amounts of acid damage whilst Gruumbar smacked the creature with his macetail behemoth rage before Casdin could deliver the killing blow on the creature.

As the party retired for an extended rest both Kosh and Leshanna were concerned why was there an undead threat here?
what were the two bodies of humans doing in the other room.


As they newly increased party retired to lick their wounds Kadish considered the days events.
The elven rogue, Casdin’s timely warning had saved them from the undead’s ambush in the cave but during the melee he had noticed that the rogue had used the momentum of his attack to propel one of the zombies into Leshanna, the eladrin mages, path. Fortunately the creature had succumbed to its wounds and fallen at the womans feet but he just couldn’t dismiss the notion that Casdin had done it on purpose and with more than a little malice.

If a problem develops between them then Kadish would have to step in, but while the excitable elf continued to rush forward and “detect” traps and ambushes by simply triggering them he’d let it lie.

Turning his attention to his newest companion, Torstien, the half-orc Priest of Kord, his thoughts were a little more sombre. None could deny his combat prowess, despatching two of those spiders with little more than an iron bar, but to kick open a chest which could have held a potentially deadly trap was foolhardy. During the fight with the spiders he wouldnt have expected the half-orc to use his healing on any of the others, but while fighting the cube the healing of Casdin was left down to the prowess of Kosh and his Dark Mistress. Hmmm, thought Kadish, it was one thing to revel in the glory of battle, but not at the expense of your companions.

Gaming session 5

Gruumbar sighed as he learnt of the undead trying to attack them whilst they rested he hated undead particularly skeletons as there was no real guts coming out of them, still he grabbed his greataxe and stood defiantly in the middle of three undead and bought his weapon crashing down cleaving two of the undead before witnessing something utterly strange to him his rogue ally seemingly allowing the eladrin wizard to get in harms way, it seemed a strange thing to do considering Gruumbar had been taught to work as a team alongside his fellow tribesmen but these were not his tribe brothers. Anyway shrugging his shoulders at what he had seen happen he watched as his rogue ally decided to investigate a vase four spiders appeared knocking the rogue prone with a determined smile on his face Gruumbar rushed to join in with the fracas but had his thunder stolen by another half orc who killed two of the spiders with just an iron bar before kicking a chest to reveal the rest of his gear. Casdin’s hastiness reminded Gruumbar of one of his younger brothers who charged foolishly but bravely into a large party of human soldiers. There were no human soldiers this time just a large block like cretaure which had engulfed the rogue desperately trying to free him Gruumbar went into a rage his nostrils flared as he swung the greataxe into its acidic flesh he had to chuckle to himself to as the other half orc was engulfed before realising that would be a grim fate for anyone.

Gaming session 5

ooc – Did we ask in game what the motif on the human bodies in the spider room were? I cant recall.

Gaming session 5

no you didn’t besides that would require a skill check using the streetwise skill.

Gaming session 5

Well seeing as I was controlling Casdin last session, streetwise check (1d20+8=17) to identify the motif please.

Gaming session 5

Ok sorry it was becauseit relates to something that Casdin has seen before you see so I didnt know how Channy would play it anyway Casdin recognises the motif as the BLS or Black lotus society an organisation of criminal origins furthurmore he recalls Laucian having the same picture tattoed on his arm. Meanwhile Leshanna’s Arcana check failed to shed any light on te two bodies.

Gaming session 5

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