Legacy of the Tarrasque

gaming session 4

It was a familiar sight for the half orc as he stood at the bar drinking a tankard of wine although he preferred the strong ale as brewed by his tribe he had to admit the taste was growing on him, he observed several adventurer types also in the tavern. The door opend and 4 guards were dragging a dwarf along with them an elf in the tavern seemed quite surprised to see this dwarf and Gruumbar reasoned that this was down to them knowing each other the Goliath attempted to engage in conversation with the dwarf in his native tongue only for the truth to be revealed the dwarf transformed into it’s true self a doppelganger who screamed “die would be assassin of the white dragon”, before they attempted to attack the elf, the mention of the word dragon was enough to pique Grummbar’s and the other adventurers interests as they turned to help this elven person, after the penultimate guard dropped the elf picked up a duelists blade remaining guard fled attempting to evade the adventurers who were succesful in tracking down the escaping guard who had regrouped with some halflings who peppered the adventurers with sling stones before again fleeing to regroup in a cave, as the adventurers entered the cave they were greeted by a mage and two beserkers who the adventurers slaughtered with relative ease. Further into the cave the adventurers continued despatching a couple of zombies en-route as well as succesfully spotting a holy symbol lying partially covered in dirt.


As he and his new companions regrouped, Kosh gave a silent prayer to the Raven Queen for granting them the skills to dispatch the accursed undead. He would try to convince his companions to hunt down who ever had desecrated the corpse with such necromantic magic.

gaming session 4

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