Legacy of the Tarrasque

gaming session 3

As the Adventurers ventured into what they thought would be the last room they noticed it was extremely cold in here and dark attempting to remedy this Zanne chucked a sun rod illuminating the room where they could just see a pool of ice unfortunately for them they didnt see the white dragon who was waiting for them he roared triumphantly spraying the adventurers with his icy breath. Horgar retaliated brandishing the fury of his god onto the dragon but it was in vain as the dragon tore him asunder Zanne,Casdin and Valna startled by the demise of their dwarven friend worked together to try and avenge the brave dwarf but despite fighting valiantly were unable to overcome such a beast as the dragon tore Zanne and then Valna to pieces before pursuing Casdin out of the cavern. Casdin knew that he had escaped within mere inches of his life as fled the cavern he decided to leave his brave allies to their unfortunate fate.
He returned to the Loaded goblet full of remorse for the loss of his comerades.



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