Legacy of the Tarrasque

gaming session 2

As the Adventurers ventured further into the caverns they came across a strange room with suits of armour stood in a corner an altar dedicated to Tiamat had been constructed incensed by this Horgar after helping his allies dispatch the kobold foes decimated the altar. After leaving this room they came across a room where there was a strange game in progress being played by kobolds the adventurers fought bravely and Casdin found himself knocked into the strange pool of green goo. After destroying the kobolds and some lizard like creatures the PC’s came to a large room where a fanatical wyrmpriest stood pulling a lever revealing a large boulder trap which proved to be a foolish action as the boulder crushed several of the wyrmpriests allies. After overcoming this encounter Horgar claimed a craghammer that he had found amongst the dead.



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