Legacy of the Tarrasque

Gaming Session 1

Gaming session 1.

__As a group of goblins attempted to storm the gates of Treetop village they were met with firm resistance from the PC’s and a guard who was on duty at the time. Horgar using his religion to smite the goblin invaders whilst Casdin and Zanne relied on good old fashioned sword play to deal with the goblins. Despite Zanne pulling the final blow on the robed goblin the on duty guard who introduced himself as Valna decided to finish him off, they were rewarded with 100gp for protecting the village against the goblin threat. It wasn’t until talking to Baron Von-Heisenberg that the PC’s found out the full story of why the goblins were attacking the village. The baron suggested that the PC’s spoke to paymaster Dietrich of the merchant’s guild for work. Casdin decided he would pay a visit to the local temple which was of Melora where he learnt of a rumour of a dragons egg being taken into the tower near the Shale Cliff Caverns. After speaking to Dietrich in regards to the kobold menace it became clear that the Tower near the Shale Cliff Caverns, was a likely spot to find the kobolds who were preventing traders from Pavelock from entering the Treetop village.

Agreeing to sort out this for the merchants guild the PC’s offered Valna who had not long quit his post as guard to join the group as a guide for them. After about two hours walking they arrived at a tower near the Shale Cliff Caverns where there was a single staircase leading down Horgar using a nature check ascertained the stairs had been used recently so Casdin decided to sneak in front down the stairs where they were greeted by what appeared to be a guardroom for the kobolds. A pit filled with green sludge as the PC’s entered the room a kobold carrying a sling hissed intruders before suffering a sneak attack from Casdin. A couple of well-co-ordinated strikes against the other kobolds resulted in them falling before Zanne held the portcullis up allowing Casdin and Horgar to strike at the two kobolds. After dumping the bodies into the sludge pit Casdin tested the lever for traps before realising the lever just controlled the portcullis.


Slightly corrected the session post – Casdin is a “he” :)

Gaming Session 1

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