Legacy of the Tarrasque

At the gates of Treetop Village


You hear the low sound of a hunting horn and the guard on the South Gate blocking entry to the Treetop Village puts an arrow against his bow his demeanour changes from one of indifference to sheer grim determination, what do you do?

Mik Calow Does either Zanne or Horgar recognise the hunting horn (typically goblin or did the slavers carry one)?
Dan you’ll have to roll a nature check
Mik Calow Zanne rolls 14 (Nat 0), Horgar rolls 16 (Nat 4)
Dan Horgar recognises the low sound of a goblin rallying horn by now the guard on the gate (Kitty’s character) is pacing up and down in anticipation of the oncoming fight, you can hear also the excited chattering of crows gathering for the feast.
Mik Calow Horgar readies his weapon and ask’s his companions to stand with him before the gates and assist the defenders against the goblins.
Mik Calow Zanne can understand the Goblin tongue, can he hear any shouts yet, he readies his axe.
Dan Zanne and Valna translate the speech which is saying “The Baron owes Ugluk Stormfart for killing them kobolds yet now he won’t pay kill him”.
Mik Calow Zanne translates what he hears to his companions, but keeps his voice low enough that that the town guards can’t hear him (he doesn’t know them yet and so doesn’t trust them).
Dan Ok the guard signals to someone behind him and shouts “Protect Baron Von-Heisenberg”, with that you see a really nervy looking goblin who by the expression on his face wishes he hadnt been pushed to the front alongside him to the goblins right is another nervy goblin. Roll Initiatives.
Mik Calow how many goblins are there?
Dan There are 9 goblins in total one at the very back is against a large tree granting him partial cover, the two at the front are minions and you can see another two minion like ones rushing forward to join the first two the rustling of the trees to the sides denote 2 more goblins whilst 2 more goblins are standing near a goblin dressed in robes who appears to be telling the other goblins what to do.
Mik Calow Goblin 1 – by tree, 2 x minions at front, 2 x minions behind them, 2 x goblins in trees to side, robed goblin +2 goblins at back. 10 goblins? How many guards on the gates or is it just Valna?
Dan ‎9 goblins and yes Valna is alone.
(taken from internet messages in prep for campaign start)
Valnas initiative is 19

the goblins were somewhat speedier
g1. 23
g2 16
g3 15
g4 6
g5 18
g6 19
g7 18
g8 11
g9 20


there were five kobolds so it was a quintet.

At the gates of Treetop Village

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