Legacy of the Tarrasque

An Icy Death

As the party entered the final chamber the air became chilly and a large frozen pool could be seen ahead. Zanne activated a sunrod from his pack and tossed it into the centre of the room. They were momentarily shaken when a large white reptillian beast surged toward them, releasing a blast of its icy breath.

With a prayer to Kord, Horgar charged the beast, but was grabbed by its foreclaws. Between its massive talons and its toothy maw, the valiant dwarf was ripped asunder. Casdin and Zanne charged into the beast to avenge their fallen comrade while Valna hung back, supplying ranged support with his archery skills.

The warrior and rogue landed many mighty blows, even managing to batter the dragon to the ground twice but without the healing powers of their dwarven comrade the talons of the dragon took their toll as first Zanne and then Valna dropped to the ground.

Deciding that survival was better than suicide, Casdin summoned all his stealth and managed to evade the dragon until it returned to its resting place. Then using what reserves of energy he could he sprinted for the exit, the draconic fury of the beast nipping at his heels, but thankfully missing by mere inches.

Battered, bruised and alone, Casdin returned to Treetop Village looking for healing, rest and new companions with which to avenge his fallen comrades!


Did you know theres a special flavour ice cream going around shale cliff caverns its Dwarven with just a hint of beard.

An Icy Death

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