Legacy of the Tarrasque

A prelude to Gaming session 8

(This is not a full gaming session)

As the PC’s arrive near the Treetop village there is something definately wrong happening guards lie are lying dead from arrows, through the neck whilst some others have been decapitated, also several villagers seem to be frozen solid, their faces in expressions of twisted anguish, As you enter the village priests are running frantically carrying the injured to the tavern whilst others are simply administering last rites. Buildings are on fire etc, As you pause for a brief moment a guard with a bandage around one eye shouts “There’s still people trapped in the buidings quick you have got to save them”.

Skill Challenge.


Quick question, is the eye-bandaged guard pointing one building in particular or several? Just wondering whether its whole party working on one building or splitting to cover more.

A prelude to Gaming session 8

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