The Adventure begins!

You were all slaves on board a slavers vessel where you were due to be sold in the city of Pavelock, however rough seas caused the ship to run aground near the dreaded Sea of Fangs after three weeks of forced marching your captors lead you through the Scarred Lands and through to the elven settlement of Treetop village which used to be within the treetops but has since found itself grounded. However before your captors and yourselves arrived there was a skirmish with a group of ettins which left your captors dead but before they could turn their attention to yourselves you managed to free yourselves from your bonds and escaped with some of their equipment heading off to the eleven settlement you heard the slavers talking about. When you get there however you see the villages gates are shut and from above a wooden wall an Archer shouts “these ain’t goblins”.

At the gates of Treetop Village

Legacy of the Tarrasque

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